TierToo Properties

George Street/Mira Road

This 21-acre future residential development is ideally located across the street from the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, providing convenient access for healthcare professionals and residents alike. With its sizable land area, this development holds great potential for creating a thriving residential community that caters to the needs of individuals seeking proximity to healthcare facilities.

Upper Prince Street

The 65,000 square foot industrial building is situated on the outskirts of the urban core, offering ample space for manufacturing or warehousing purposes. Its location provides easy access to transportation routes while still maintaining a convenient proximity to the city for efficient operations.

104 Marine Drive

This 28,000 square foot industrial building is located in Sydport Industrial Park, offering a suitable space for various industrial activities such as manufacturing or storage. Its location in Sydport provides convenient access to transportation routes and other amenities, making it an ideal location for businesses in the industrial sector.